question about applying to a BSN program and transcripts

  1. Ive started my applications for the upper division classes but Im not sure when I should send them.

    The programs that Im applying for start spring 2005 and most of the schools have August or September deadlines. Im finishing my prereqs this summer and they will be complete by the end of July. Should I send my apps now and then send my transcripts as soon as these classes are over or should I wait and send everything together?
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  3. by   neb4882

    In my opinion I think you should first apply so the school have your application on file and then once you finish up your pre-req classes in july, have your transcripts sent ASAP

    I am just like you I want to send in my transcripts also even though I have time to apply for fall 2005, but I am finishing up my pre-req also so I will be done in summer 2005 and hopefully if all goes well I will get acepted to the nursing school of my choice just in time for me to begin nursing classes for the fall 2005.

    Good Luck hope all goes well

  4. by   spunkygirl
    You should check w/ the school. The one I will be applying to wants us to send in our transcripts w/i 3 wks of our application. Then when we complete our classes for the semester and our school has our offical transcripts ready we need to send that in as well. If anything goes awry then we are SOL. But then again this school I'm trying for is severly impacted so it is very competitive to get in.
    All I can say is Do Not Assume anything when it comes to these schools. Some are understanding and others ain't. Especially when they have 300 applicants for 60 seats.
    Good Luck to ya.