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  1. hello - i am currently applying for an accelerated BSN program. i have 2.5 years of chiropractic school under my belt and took a year of anatomy complete with dissection of cadavers. do you dissect in nursing school, does anyone know? i had physiology seperately - do you think this will be a problem? i also took x-ray positioning, radiology and a year of neurology. any of these courses covered in nursing classes?

    TIA for you information, i truly appreciate it!
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  3. by   barbaratruth
    You would want to talk with a college advisor who would determine the transferability of your credits. Different colleges have different guidelines for transfer credits. I would hope you wouldn't have to take A&P I and A&P II, since you have more than covered the material.

    In my prerequisites in NYC, the only dissection we did was on cats, and there were some cow and sheep parts. Very minimal dissection and no human cadavers.

    You probably know more than is required. I would think you could transfer the credits.

    Good luck.