Pulmonary Toilet

  1. Hi again, I have a clinical presentation to do and was wondering if you could confirm something for me. My PT had pulmonary toilet done: my question is, is that when a client can't clear chest with coughing? and is it a procedure to clear the chest? any info would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks in advance for borrowing your brains.
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    Hi Erin,

    You are pretty much on the right track. Doing a quick search on google provided me with about 13,000 hits.

    If you were to do the same I am sure you would be able to seperate the wheat from the chaff pretty quickly and find out exactly what "pulmonary toilet" consists of.


  4. by   RNsweetie
    thanks Bob, I will do that, never used Google before but will try anything!

  5. by   2ndCareerRN

    Here is another site you may want to bookmark, or at least remember.


    It uses google as its search engine, and is a site full of links to many things. It has a link to the home edition of the merck manual, PDR, and other useful items.

    Go to it and look around, you may be amazed at what is there.

  6. by   RNsweetie
    Thanks so much Bob, this site is wonderful, found the Merck manual and can see i'll be using this alot. Have it on my Favorites now.
    You're a big help. Now back to the presentation!!!