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Can anyone help me find an internet site, whcih defines loss, and the four stages of loss. I have searched through all my books, and my usual sites, and I am just about ready to rip my hair out. ... Read More

  1. by   Whisper
    Originally posted by RNonsense gonna tell us what they were??
    Oops, here goes:
    The definition, of loss was a trick question, to make us think wider,
    The answers that were accepted for the four stages of loss were
    Worden 1991,
    1. accept the reality of loss, through the pain of grief
    3.adjust to an environment in which the deceased is missing
    4.emotionally relocate the deceased and moveon with life.

    Parkes 1986
    1.shock and alarm
    2.searching3.anger and guilt
    4.gaining a new identity

    Bowlby 1980
    1. numbness
    2.yearning and searching
    3.disorganisation and despair

    Sorry for not posting them straight away.