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  1. Just a quick question for all you experts: Im starting my psych clinical rotation in nursing. I was wondering, (I just completed one of my med surg clinicals) I used a couple of good care plan books, however, I dont think they are going to help me in psych. I know they make specific psych care plan books. Did anyone ever use them or can you refer me to a good name of one. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi! I just finished my psych clinical last semester and we had a specific psych care plan book we had to use. It is called Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans 4th ed, is by Fortinash & Holoday Worret, the publisher is Mosby. The ISBN# is 0-323-01482-8, maybe you could search for it on Amazon...could probably find it there. It's over 400 pages & has very specific NANDAs, etiology, interventions, based on the psych diagnosis of the pt (schizo, bipolar, ect). Hope that helps! Funny to see someone from Lockport, IL, I have family that lives there! Good luck with psych!