Psych quiz today- ouch these questions!

  1. Everyone said psych test questions are unlike no other. BOY were they not kidding. I have never before had a test with 4 answers so DANG close to one another it came down to one WORD almost to pick the correct one. It was only 10 questions and in the end I felt like my brain had melted - ha ha.

    We went over them right away and surprisingly everyone did extremely well- but we all looked like we had hangovers or something. Just listening to them EXPLAIN why A,B. or C was wrong was painful. Ha ha! I can't wait for a test ( not! lol)
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  3. by   jade-athyst
    Get used to it. I passed the NCLEX in July and most of the questions were just like that. It seemed like all the answers to each specific question were either right or wrong. By the time I got to question #70, I didn't even care anymore if I passed or failed, I just wanted it to be over. Just like you said, I felt like my brain was melting. Lucky for me I passd at 75, but a friend of mine passed at 200!! I don't know how she did it. I would have had a nervous breakdown by 100!