Professionalism in Nursing

  1. I'm working on my term paper and need a little help. I was requried to interview an RN, which I did, but I left out one thing.

    What do you consider professional nursing to be?
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  3. by   ilovehottea
    The term "Professional Nursing" is a broad one - the subject is too vast. I would like to know what you define "Professional Nursing" to be? I mean, is "professional" the term you would use in one's gait and appearance? Or "professional" being how one conducts his/herself in client interviews? "Professional" - does this include communcation skills? Could you please clarify your question?
  4. by   nsgstudent007
    Basically, As a student nurse, how would you display professionalism? On the lines of behaviour, actions, communication etc.