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im currently in my med/surg roation. there are 9 of us at the hospital, and we are all split on different floors. on my floor, there are 3 of us (me and my clinical classmates) for the day. my... Read More

  1. by   Aneroo
    Quote from mye614
    This patient has been laying on his poop and pee for God knows how long ( The PCA must've known student nurses are coming so they decide to wait til we get there to clean the patient up).
    I've encountered the same problems with care partners (CNA 2"S) on some of the floors at my hospital. This happened to be a floor where one semester we have first level freshman there, the next semester we have almost ready to gradaute students there. So, there is a lot of role confusion. I asked a CP "We're getting ready to go off the floor. One of my patients had a fever overnight, was really sweaty, was wondering if you could give her a bath while I'm gone." This CP is wonderful, love her to death. She told me she couldn't, that they were swamped. She said the night shift left all the baths not done because they knew "the students were coming". In this semester, we were supposed to be in a nurses role, not the cp's. She suggested that maybe we could do it together whenever I got back...How awesome is she!!! I ended up doing it with a classmate after we got back (I realized how busy she was), and it ended up being one of the best things that I could have done for this patient (she was so grateful she was getting a bath!).

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    then second frustration was when we were transfering the patient she noticed that I didn't know the proper way of transferring the patient (the patient didn't get hurt). ..I'm so frustrated wiht myself after that last clinical I had...Do you think I should take a CNA class to brush up my skills?
    The patient didn't get hurt, but YOU, the nurse you were working with, or the patient certainly could have been. Short cuts may seem cool, but they're not....the end up hurting someone somewhere down the road. :angryfire I would have been frustrated with you too, esp with the "no one got hurt" attitude. To me it's similar to a "no one needs to know" type of thing. It might seem insignificant to you, but you DON'T want a back injury? Want to live pain free and be able to work again? Then use proper body mechanics and lift like you were taught!
    As far as the CNA class goes... That's what your labs were for. Your instructor hit it on the head. Get back in the labs and practice. Our labs/clinical counted as CNA experience, and if we chose to do so, we could get our CNA one or two.
    -JMO, Andrea
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    I have had some darn awful nurses in the clincal setting!!! They can be so rude sometimes. Then there are always the good ones who want to help you out! The worst is when the nurse your working with treats you like your not important. One I had last week took her dear old sweet time having lots of personal conversations while I was sitting beside her waiting for report. Is my time not as valuable as yours?

    Well anyways I know this maybe contraindicating what I just said but
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    does anyone else get a major case of BORDOM at certain clinical sites?? It's like were there for 7 hours two times a week and for 5 of those seven hours were all struggling to look like were busy when we really have nothing to do.
    Yes. Its like Chinese water torture.