Private loans & community colleges

  1. I may need to take out some extra loan money for my last semester of nursing school... I'm at a community college & looked high and low for private student loans before beginning the program (I didn't think I'd be able to get any financial aid including loans through the government, since I have a Bachelor's already) and didn't find any that my school was eligible for. I've asked the school's financial aid department and they haven't been able to point me in the right direction either. Has anybody had success getting a private student loan while enrolled at a community college?
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  3. by   confuzhn
    credit union loans maybe?? ...
  4. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    Thanks! Still searching... I know Wells Fargo has a community college-specific loan but my school isn't even eligible for that one!
  5. by   Sadala
    I received some kind of regional scholarship that is a no interest loan if you don't work in the region for 24 mos post grad. This particular one doesn't specify where you have to work, just the regional area. I too have a prior bachelors. There are several of these available in my area and I know that one I didn't pursue involved a dialysis unit. You might check these out.

    I know that one downside is that I had to be one semester in before I could apply. I was surprised to get it but it covers, books, tuition, fees, etc. I think also there is an initial GPA to be met and then you have to keep a 3.0 every semester to keep it.
  6. by   applered
    Quote from sugarmagnolia018
    Thanks! Still searching... I know Wells Fargo has a community college-specific loan but my school isn't even eligible for that one!
    Yeah I noticed that's the problem with community college... My school isn't eligible for wells fargo, sallie mae, discover, chase, etc. None, zip, nada. I guess the private lenders would rather give loans to private schools and universities where you need to borrow A LOT more money for tuition.
  7. by   Shorty11
    Did you try to apply for financial aid anyways? I thought I wouldn't be eligible for government financial aid either because I already have a bachelors, but I was wrong. I filled out a FAFSA anyways just to see, and in fact I actually did qualify for government loans because I hadn't "maxed out" on the amount you are allowed to borrow. Loans should always be a last option of course. I wouldn't have been able to attend college without loans and financial aid unfortunately though. Apply for as many scholarships as possible. I am working on a BSN as my second bachelors and scholarships are actually paying for the majority of my tuition. Best of luck!
  8. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    Yes I did apply & I got some financial aid through the government so that was helpful. I just wanted to see if there were any other options to fill in the gaps. I am quitting a higher-paying job to work more hours at the hospital where I'm a pct, and the pay cut is going to hurt a little bit!
  9. by   ryanalice
    Shorty, that is great. Do you have any suggestions on how to find scholarships, where to start? I'm looking to get a 2nd bachelors as well.
  10. by   Pia Mater
    Does your PCT job offer tuition reimbursement? That can help a lot!