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Just found out I'm pregnant for the first time in my life and if calculations are correct I'll be due right around graduation time in May. I always thought I would be really happy when I became... Read More

  1. by   jhawk07
    Quote from sydylo
    I am pregnant too, and due after the spring semester. ( A couple of weeks after) I find that my drive has vanished! I have to really force myself to study, even then, I do not study as well as I should. I am hoping that in my second semester, which starts soon, I will get my energy back. I was having trouble quiting coffee, but for some odd reason, about 3 weeks ago even the thought of coffee makes me sick.
    I too had to quit smoking, but had to make my husband quit. There was no way I could quit while he was smoking. If your boyfriend smokes, he sounds like he might be willing to, since he is pretty excited. Tell him the effects of second hand smoke if he needs a little prodding.

    Hey about the coffee i saw this study that even pregnant women can drink coffee but only about 2-3 cups per day. Coffee has antioxidents in it so its not that bad for you or the baby. Soda though is, I wouldnt drink any soda, it has tons of sugar and weird chemicals and lots of sodium.
  2. by   AdonaiLoveable
    Dear IvoryLena,

    Everyone on this forum supports your desire to do what is right for your baby and for yourself. I believe previous posters were right on track advising you to seek help from a Psychiatrist or Psych/Mental Health NP, getting a prenatal care and letting that caregiver know your Mental Health status and smoking history, and getting help with smoking cessation.

    Have you given some thought about just finishing up this semester in school, and taking off your last semester to focus on yourself and your pregnancy? You could pick up and finish your last semester next school year. Sure, you might graduate 6 months to 1 year later than you anticipated, but you and your baby might be better off for having done so.

    With your lack of health insurance. You might consider checking into community clinics that provide prenatal care on a sliding scale if you are unable to keep seeing your regular OB-Gyn.

    Keep in touch by posting to this list. We are all pulling for you!

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  3. by   ICRN2008
    In my state, if you are pregnant and are in a lower income bracket (as many students tend to be) you can qualify for Medicaid or other government programs. A girl I know received free prenatal care this way because her parent's health insurance would not cover pregnancy.

    Congratulations and good luck
  4. by   CNM-to-be
    Hang in there, you can do this! I recently found out I am pregnant w/ my fourth child and am due at the end of June. I will be as big as a house when I graduate in May. I am struggling c ms (I had hyperemesis gravidarum c all 3 of my previous pregnancies) and fatigue, and yes, a drop in grades but I try not to beat myself up. We all do the best we can with what we have. Pregnancy can be challenging enough, adding nsg school on top of that takes everything you've got. Take care of yourself and that baby, if nsg school doesn't work out this time around don't sweat it, you can always come back to will always be there, this is the only chance for your precious babe. In the end it will all be worth it! Best of luck!!
  5. by   nursemommyof3
    FIrst of all, congratulations to you. I hate the first trimester, it's soooo draining! But it WILL pass! LOL, I call the second trimester the sexmester, lol, lucky for your boyfriend!

    I'm currently 8 months pg and it is tough, I must say. I've come to accept that I won't be getting A's, but B's and even C's, as I just can't sit and study that long.

    This is our 3rd child, and our first w/out insurance. I applied, and was put on medicaid, which will pay for everything. Please check that out. And work with your doctor and other support people regarding your bipolar, I don't know much about it regarding pgcy, but check it out.

    As for the smoking, I know that you know you need to quit. BUT many dr's say that putting that shock on your body is more harmful than smoking. So do as the pp said, and slowly cut back, you already have a lot on your plate!

    Good luck!