Pregnant during clinicals?

  1. Has any nursing student been pregnant during clinical while in school? If so, just curious on how you were able to complete the clinicals for graduation.
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  3. by   kaydensmom01
    One of our students got pregnant in spring semester of last year and delivered the last week of class, scheduled c-section. She took her final early, and our clinical instructor asked the class if they minded staying extra hours so she could get all of her clinical hours in. She did not have any complications though.
  4. by   Katniss0813
    My class has had four students who are pregnant. One had her baby towards the end of fall semester and they worked her clinical schedule to have all the clinicals done with before her due date. As long as they work with the instructor(s) as far as their schedule it seems to work out well. In clinicals it's about the same as any other student except administering medications that say pregnant women shouldn't handle the med, in that case another student gave the medication.
  5. by   Nursestudent14
    I also had a girl in my clinical group who was pregnant she delivered after clinicals but the instructors were really nice and worked around stuff, because none of the other students cared. They also did not give her rooms that were on precautions.