Preadmission Exam for Nursing School - page 2

Well guys I took the NLN today and I have to say it wasn't easy and I am worried(of course i am a chronic worrier so...) For anyone who hasn't had experience with this exam.....3 parts.....1st... Read More

  1. by   Robin61970
    AAARGGH!!!!!! I still haven't received mine yet!!!!!! Watching the mail everyday.....It's about to drive me nuts...good job.....I know I didn't do that well. From everyone I have talked to that is a really high score.......
  2. by   Robin61970
    It came today FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! To me being older and out of school for a while this was "HARD" so I was thrilled to get a 117 out of it. We have to have 100 to be considered for admission to nursing school so I will call for my appointment Monday morning for an interview.......
  3. by   farmmom
    I still do not have mone but am so proud of both of you I have my final paperwork tuesday don't know if I should go I don't know if I passed math and am quite sure i did not
  4. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    FANTASTIC You Guys!!!! Are you both starting in the Spring? I'm starting Spring '03 (January).

    For entrance, our school goes by the ACT Score and GPA.
  5. by   Robin61970
    Attempting to start in the spring, but we will not find out if we got in until after Thanksgiving.........
  6. by   dianthe1013
    Ditto what Robin said. Well, sort of. They said not to call the office unless we hadn't received our letters by November 7th... So it's nail-biting time until then.

  7. by   rafa
    wow guys.
    i am amazed to see how supportive you all are. I want to congratulate you for passing the pre-ad test. I am preparing mine...well, not much to prepare now, the test is on saturday and I am freaking out.