Pre-req questions

  1. I was wondering if their is anybody out there who is an older person returning back to school and is having or had a very difficult time with A&P I and Chemistry. I am passing by the skin of my teeth and would like to know how they made it!! I am desperately in need of advice.
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  3. by   Mkue
    I am an "older" person and yes, the A&P's are difficult for most students in general from what I've heard. It's like you study and study and what is on the test is not what you thought ! ugh. Don't give up, find something that works for you, either flash cards, study partner, make your own test....etc..

    Chemistry does not have to be hard, depends on the instructor I think. If you have trouble with conversions of moles to grams and vice versa, electrons, lewis dot, equations, etc.. go to a lab where there are tutors they can be very helpful. Some instructors will meet with you after class if you have questions. Talk to your advisor and see if he/she can offer any suggestions.

    Good Luck and I hope this is a little helpful to you.
  4. by   Steved
    At our school anatomy and physiology are taught in separate classes (I am assuming A&P means anatomy and physiology). Chemistry is a two semester class divided into inorganic and organic. In my case the key to doing well is identifying an appropriate study strategy for every class you take. Each class requires different techniques to get the info into long term memory. In anatomy the only way to learn is to spend as much time in lab (after hours) as possible, get your hands on the bones, get your hands on the cadavers and preps, and use the microscopes. You will not have an easy time with anatomy trying to learn it from a book.
    Chemistry is learned straight out of the book for me, it doesn't help me to go to class at all. Even though I never skip class, I just don't find it very helpful. Read the chapters until you understand the material and work the problems over and over. Chemistry is about understanding the concepts, not memorizing formulas. Like math chemistry builds on previous material, if you don't understand chapter 1 or 2 or 3..., you are going to struggle with the proceeding chapters. Also, if you are not comfortable with math you will be at disadvantage at least in inorganic chemistry.
    Physiology is like biology, you can sit comfortably and read the book like a novel. Just make sure you are paying attention to what you are reading and that you understand what you are reading. Don't just cover the chapter, think about concepts and ask yourself questions about the material. Spending two hours reading a book while you are thinking about something else is a complete waste of time.

    Find some material on the internet regarding active vs. passive learning.

    Find a study method catered to each class (this can take time, but seems to always happen right after the first test.

    Find a place to study. I have different places for each class. Chemistry: at a completely quiet table with my stuff spread all over. Biology: comfortable lounge chair. Anatomy: in the lab.
  5. by   proud2bme

    Great advice, very informative. Thanks!
  6. by   CharyM
    Thank you very much for the advice however, in regards to the information steve gave me. It is quite difficult to go to lab. The lab at our school only has day hours and the insturctor limits the amount of time we can spend in it. "Especially on Fridays" SHe becomes somewhat irate
    when too many people are in there!! .

    It is also difficult for me because I have 3 children and have to get them off to school and be home for them when they get home!! But by the Grace of GOD I am making it!! I am very tired and can not wait till this semester is over!! I am passing but by the skin of my teeth. ANd the most crazy thing about all of this I seem to remember everything I have learned in my classes when I am not there or when I need to utilize it!! So I will contine trying and see if I can make it!!! I was A C.N.A. before and hope that once I am done with these pre-req that the clinicals will be somewhat easier don't know if they will be, but I hope so!!

    SO much