Pre-program jitters

  1. Hi all,
    I start my accelerated BSN in 61 days (not like I'm counting) and I am starting to get nervous for no specific reason. Honestly I just can't wait for it to start because I feel like once it does, it will fly by because it's only 3 semesters, so this time next year I will be almost ready to graduate. But ticking down the clock to start has really put me on edge. Anybody else in this situation? Have anything exciting/fun planned for the time before you start school?
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  3. by   EMTPJean
    I too will be starting an ABSN in May and I am beginning to get excited! It hasn't fully hit as of yet. Everyday I look at my acceptance letter and tell myself that "this is really happening." Until then, I'm working more hours at work. All the best to you!
  4. by   jess.mont
    Try to find fun things to do now because once your program starts, it will be a whirlwind! And get your life organized so that things can hum along in the background while you put in long days - housework, meals, appointments, etc. Get all of this taken care of as best you can ahead of time. And then hold on for a wild ride - you got this!