1. Are any nursing students out there (or know of someone). Doing there Premed prereq's as well as nursing. I would like to be a Doctor but I know you need a backup as well. Is nursing a good one? Thanks Ryan
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  3. by   Dr. Kate
    Medicine and nursing are very different fields with different perspectives on health and illness. There is an overlap of knowledge in some areas, and chances are if you do the prereqs for medicine they'll serve for nursing. But, nursing is not a substitute for medicine.
    I'd suggest you give some thought to what it is about medicine that appeals to you, what you want from a career, what you want you life to be like. It might also be useful to contact a career counselor, most colleges have someone who does career work with students. That person can help you focus on what it is you want, help you explore options and alternatives and generally help you make an informed, thoughtful decision about your future.

    Good Luck
  4. by   peds2bee
    ill be majoring in both nursing and pre-med this fall. i would like to keep my options open for after graduation. never know, i might just decide that medical school is the path for me.
  5. by   almondhoney
    Out here in the Great White North, not all schools require pre-req. for medical school, as long as you have a Bachelor's Degree.
    So I will be getting my degree in Nursing, then I might attempt medical school.

    Good luck to you!