Pre-1st semester - advance studying advice

  1. OK... with Nurs 101 intro to ~
    Nurs125 pharmacology.

    Can you guys recommend any reading material I can buy in advance to prepare me? any help would be great, links would be better.

    I just want to be on top of things and have a grasp of info when starting the program.
    I have 1 month before the program starts and they won't let me buy the course books yet.
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  3. by   mysterious_one
    strange they don't let you buy the books yet, I would have told you to just start reading,lol. Really weird, can you check at your college bookstore what books will be required and just order them used on line at Amazon or such store. That's what I do, cheaper that way anyways.
  4. by   classicdame
    There are thousands of medications on the market. You are not going to learn them all, but will need to know specific ones. My suggestion is to get the "Electrolytes for Dummies" to understand how chemicals work in the body. Also, a chemistry book will explain acids and bases. All medicines are chemicals and the idea is to balance the chemicals in our body with the ones we consume. Last, a biology book will teach you how the body responds to chemicals. Sounds like a lot I know. Remember, the instructor will teach the course, not test you on previous knowledge. The trick is to stay up to date each with each class. Good luck.
  5. by   nurse4theplanet
    A really great book that I would recommend (although it won't help you out specifically with your studies) is "How to Survive and Maybe even Love Nursing School." by Kellie Dunham.
  6. by   RNursingStudent
    Hey there. I just finished up Nur 101! YAY! I just want to say. I have always hated the S word. yeah, you know the one..STUDY! lol But, after this past semester, studying in going to be my number one best friend next semester. I did fine, but I really really wanted an A, but I'm over that now. I can tell you though, you need to come home each day after lecture and review your notes and read what the teacher hi-lited in the book. What has really helped me is my audio recorder. I can listen to it when I get home and get soooo much more from the lecture, helps tame my notes down some. Just keeping up is the main thing and not waiting and putting it off. You can never really start studying before the teacher b/c sometimes they don't even do the whole chapter, they just pick out parts. But, find what works for you. You will after a week or so. Take care and good luck!
  7. by   Eirene
    try to track down a 2nd year student and get their old notes. (!!!)

    that helped me tremendously.