Poster Presentation in the OR

  1. I'm so worried about this poster presentation I have to do Monday for my management practicum. I need to present it to the unit (OR). My problem is the lame subject I've been given....Infection Control and Community Acquired MRSA. Isn't that kind of elementary? Won't every one of the people I'm presenting to be more of an expert on the subject than me because they've already heard it a hundred times? I'm afraid everyone will be rolling their eyes. And to make it worse, this is where I've been hired into for after graduation. Any ideas? (I'm bringing food to ease their pain.)
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  3. by   Jules A
    I don't think its a lame subject, they know you are a nursing student and not a brain surgeon, lol. Don't worry you didn't pick the topic, you are already hired and you are bringing food! They will forgive anything with a nice snack.
  4. by   hs2005
    I think it is a very important subject and I don't think it will hurt them to be reminded of the importance. And like the previous poster stated they know you are a student, just show them some enthusiasm.

    Good luck!