Please.... someone tell me it's worth it!!

  1. Hey, ya'll!!
    I just need some encouragement right now. So bear (sp?) with me... I am in the middle of transferring after my first semester of a terrible nursing program. The highest grade in the class was an 83 for the semester. Needless to say, I do not have all A's anymore, and I decided I couldn't go through another semester like that. We went from 70 students to about 30 in just the first semester. The instructors just could not have cared less, really. Nursing school is hard enough without fighting the instructors, too. Anyway, I'm interviewing at another program that I've heard good things about. I have been accepted pending my NLN score, which I'm not all too concerned about.

    I have shed many tears, because several months will pass before I can start back. Is it worth it? I love the profession, and I loved clinicals. Nursing seems to be right up my alley, but after such a horrible semester, I question my abilities. Please tell me that it is possible to do this!
    Thanks for listening.
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  3. by   Tweety
    I wish I could tell you it was worth it, but I look at it this way. All the stress and heartache of nursing school makes you strong for the stress and heartache of the real world of nursing.

    Good luck to you for happier times to follow.
  4. by   Soleilpie
    you've sort of already answered your question when you said, "i decided i couldn't go through another semester like that." honestly, if it's a terrible program, it's probably worth it to wait a few months just to get into a good program. you want to get the best education you can. i don't believe that a stressful education is necessarily better for anyone. a comfortable environment where you're not agitated by the instructors makes for a better learning experience and probably produces a better nurse. you'll learn about the "real" nursing world when you're in your clinicals and when you start your career. each nursing environment is different from one another. some are great and others horrendous. just because you didn't make all a's, doesnt' mean your abilities are lacking. if you're passing, that's great! nursing is probably one of the hardest programs to get through so don't beat yourself up over your grades.