Please - someone help me with APA format?

  1. Well, I'm trying not to hyperventilate but I have to do my first bibliography assignment in my first nursing class. My teacher has stated we have to use APA Format (and I've never heard of it before). Well, thing is I have a specific article from the Nursing Standard journal I need to use, but I pulled it off a website. I'm quite confused what the correct format to use is and was wondering if anyone with experience in this could give this first-timer a quick hand.

    The article is: Xavier, G. (1999). Asepsis. Nursing Standard, 13, (36), 49-53. Does that look remotely right????? Thing is I pulled it off this website:

    So does that mean this would be the correct format?

    Xavier, G. (1999). Asepsis. Nursing Standard, 13, (36), 49-53. Retrieved January 17, 2003 from

    I'm sorry to be asking but school was cancelled yesterday and today due to snow and I have no opportunity to ask anyone before it is due. My first 2 weeks of school have been kind of whacky. We were suposed to learn vital signs today, but school was cancelled and we were just told we are still getting our first check-off's next Fri. and that we'll have to learn BP etc. on our own???!!! Um, and if we fail a check-off, we fail out of school! And um, I've never done a BP before! (trying to sound like I'm not in a total panic).

    Thanks for the help! I truly appreciate it
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    first off, calm down and breathe! you will get the hang of this. now let me go review my APA format book and i'll be right back.

  4. by   Rena RN 2003
    your second style looks to be correct but the link that i clicked on didn't take me anywhere except to "page not found".

    it's very important to get the URL of the document correct.
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    oh and the name of the publication needs to be in italics. good luck!
  6. by   SpecFuz
    Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate the support...(not to mention it's really needed right about now).

    Thanks again, I'll be sure to get the link correct... I think it is actually really long. The link I was going to use was for .pdf format but then adobe acrobat is needed so I guess I'll just use:

  7. by   wolfpack
    there is a program that you can purchase for $25.00/ per year that is called apa perrla and it automatically puts your references together all you do is fill in the questions. go on line to and you can purchase and download. it has saved me numerous times in grad school. good luck
  8. by   dawn1971
    Go to or maybe it's com.... This
    really helps!
  9. by   Race Mom
    Xavier, G. (1999). Asepsis. Nursing Standard, 13(36), 49-53. Retrieved January 17, 2003, from

    The journal name and volume number are in italics. The issue number is not. I couldn't get it formated correctly on this post, but make sure your first line is NOT indented, but all the remaining lines are to be indented 5 spaces. Make sure it is all alphabetical by author name. If no author is known, the title moves to the author position. Do not use anonymous unless the article states "anonymous". Also, your retrieval date seems really old. If you actually pulled it up in 2003, you may want to research to see if it is still there.

  10. by   Race Mom
    I couldn't get the article with either link.
  11. by   drumwhacker
    Here's an invaluable resource for citations in APA and MLA formats:


  12. by   caroline h
    hi I;m a 3rd. year nirsing student. My school is crazy about APA. Question:
    Is the article from a Scholary fournal? If yes try this
    Author(s). (year). Title of the article. Title of the journal ( italic), vol#., pages.

    I hope this helps you
    Caroline :smilecoffeecup:
  13. by   love2beanurse
    here is a great link with the basics,
  14. by   Myxel67
    APA Style Sheet is very particular. You really do need to get a copy for yourself.