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Well, I'm trying not to hyperventilate but I have to do my first bibliography assignment in my first nursing class. My teacher has stated we have to use APA Format (and I've never heard of it... Read More

  1. by   ZooMommyRN
    If the title of the article/book is longer than one word, only capitalize the first word, and do not include credentials, only last name then 1st and if given middle initial, I missed a point on a journal write up for capitalizing all the words in the title
  2. by   newnurse36
    Quote from wolfpack
    there is a program that you can purchase for $25.00/ per year that is called apa perrla and it automatically puts your references together all you do is fill in the questions. go on line to and you can purchase and download. it has saved me numerous times in grad school. good luck

    get this!!! it will be the best thing you ever did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   Rach101
    My university has published this handy document for us... its great when you are first learning how to use APA.
    I remember APA seemed so hard to start with, i have done so many assignments now i know how to set out references with my eyes closed!!
  4. by   newnurse36
    APA Perrla Does it for you!! I does not get any easier!!!
  5. by   Rach101
    Im sure that APA Perrla is very easy to use however it costs $25US per year and doesnt teach you how to reference yourself. Im sure its easier and faster when you have learnt how to use the giudelines properly so no longer need to use any giudelines or programme at all.
  6. by   Myxel67
    Here's a website someone posted a few replys down. It lets you choose MLA or APA style and you input what you need. IT'S FREE. It's not easy to learn or memorize ALL of the APA style sheet (unless you have a photographic memory). To learn the APA style, you'll need to buy the publication. Can't remember how much it costs, but try You could try the free citation machine. Input a particular type of reference and learn the format.
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  7. by   newnurse36

    You also learn by using it!!