Please keep us posted!

  1. To all of the students out there who are starting classes this week please keep us posted on how things are going. I know I am looking forward to hearing your experiences for the first week.

    Good Luck,
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    I will do my best to keep everyone posted when I get a spare moment
  4. by   wanna B an RN
    I had Biology this morning. Didn't do much, just basically went over the rules, quizes (sp?), tests, etc. I can already tell that I'm going to get along great with my instructor. Personally I'm a little worried about the labs, but at least I'm prepared thanks to my instructor! First homework assignment today & I'm actually dying to start!! Guess I'm a weirdo.
    Tomorrow, I have A & P, I'll let you know how that goes when I get back from class.
  5. by   NurzofFaith
    I started the first day of my last!!
    I was anxious and a little nervous but ready.
    I am taking advanced Med/surg this semester and
    am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the content and
    skills we will be learning...anyone else feel this way the
    first day?

    I also got a wonderful instructor and she is also my clinical
    instructor...but I had to give up bieng with my last year study
    buddies to be in her group. I wasnt sure how to feel all day but
    I truly believe I am there for a reason and will not swap to
    be with the other group. I did meet another student who lives
    here on base with me and she and I decided to carpool.

    I really think there is a reason for everything and I hope this is
    just the beginning of a great semester...and I am realistic, I know
    it wont be easy, its just nice to get through it with someone else!

    Hope you all have a great week...Channa
  6. by   wanna B an RN
    Well, I attended my first AP class this morning & I can already feel the pressure! I knew it would be a challenging course/subject, but was unprepared for the amount of knowledge I had to take in. I'm not quite sure how I feel about my instructor yet. She does teach very well though. I came out of there feeling like I learned something already! We were also informed that we will have a quiz everyday, except for the days we have tests beginning with this Thursday! I am excited but very nervous and scared! I appreciate any tips anyone has to offer or has already offered!