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  1. Dear fellow Nurses and Doctors,

    I am soliciting for urgent assistance from all and sundry in the forum. My name is Ann Inyang, from Calabar, Cross River state of Nigeria. I am a final year student studing nursing in the University of Calabar.

    Please, I am working on my project and term paper on the following topics. I have tried to get below topics from internet but it's all abortive. Can you help and download those said topic for me, you can link me up where I get the information.

    The topics on -

    *Myra Levine Adaptation Theory*
    - Component of theory
    - Model
    - Guideline
    - Concept that make the theory
    - Structure of the theory ( what is the concept trhat form the theory)
    - What is assumption of the theory
    - Relationship or Relation to capability of the Theory
    Relationship between Nursing theory.

    I will be very grateful to anyone who help me get this information urgently. The project work will be submitting by Tuesday 13th Feb,.2007.

    Thanks and God bless everyone here. My id is
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