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HELP!!! I left my notes in the car my daughter has tonight and my brain is fried- I quit smoking 9 days ago and have a BAD case of CRS. I can't even remember the most basic calculations and my tests... Read More

  1. by   barb4575
    Hello Kukukajoo,

    I can totally relate to what you are saying here. Nursing school is hard enough when one does not have personal issues or tragedies going on and many do quit and come back later, but some never come back.

    I am not attempting to minimize what has happened in your life, but would like to share some things to help you to realize that you are right on target.

    For the past 1.25 years, I accepted a position that I really did not want...I wanted a full-time nurse educator position and when I was seeking full-time work, there were none. I resigned from the position as Director of two ADN programs in Missouri and that is as close as I will narrow it down. It will be obvious to my past students and that is ok too. Here's the story and one that I am currently writing about professionally and sharing with moderator, Vicky.

    I have functioned in a role where I worked 100+ hours per week because the organization had no money to pay two directors. I continued in the role and taught myself about Curriculum in ADN education because there was absolutely no one to help me. I initially did not accept the position because the curriculum with no prerequisites was faulty in design and I knew I was stuck with it for two years. Curricular changes could occur, but only minor changes. I did not write the proposal and will not downgrade the lady who did in the year prior to my employment. What I can say is academicians who are not practice-oriented, tend to write proposals that are for students in an ivory tower. Since this is unrealistic, it just does not work for ADN education.

    On 10/20/06, I had worked from the evening before until 0215 on Friday, then drove home. I arrived to my home at 0315 and at 0339, my car exploded, house caught on fire, and other car was destroyed to a 100% loss. I can say that I did testify in the summer hearing and it was detrimental to college administration. Beyond that, I can say nothing other than I resigned on 11/8th from both campuses and the role.

    In this trauma, I sought assistance to help me cope with what I had been through...since I am a veteran, they were the only ones who could help me. The civilian sector placed me on a list for the first cancellation and they have yet to call me. After serving 3 years on active duty and 8 years in the reserve component of the US Army Nurse Corps, I have a shocking revelation. In researching the depth of the situation, for this article that I am attempting to complete, I studied PTSD extensively. I will share this with the NP at the VA, but I do have nearly every symptom of this disorder. Never had it while on Active Duty, but I may have it now in the civilian world. I can say that there is an excellent VA website and it offers CEU's with Jane Pauley as moderator. I encourage you to view it. One does not have to be in the military or be a Vietnam Vet to experience it. I have had many supervisors, who served in Vietnam prior to meeting me, and they could not talk about it today...I totally comprehend what they went through now. I will recover.

    I also would like to inform you that there is an excellent book on grieving and it is written for the loss of a loved one, but is applicable to all tragic losses. It helped me and this is the ISBN 080543092-X What I learned most is that I cannot rush the grieving process, regardless of how very painful it may closing, I would like to say that my past students will graduate in May 07 and I wish them nothing short of success. I also would like to tell my friend, whom I met online here, she is graduating on 12/15th: YOU have given more to me than I ever gave to you and our profession is so very lucky to have you join us. I will see you on the 15th and you will know me when I enter as I will be the proudest person in the audience. God speed.

  2. by   kukukajoo
    Barbara, Thank you so very much for sharing. it sounds like you have been through so much. I will be finding that book for me and for my kids.

    Yesterday another tradgedy struck. My twins dad was in a car wreck yesterday and in ICU now and may not make it. If he does it will be a miracle. The hardest part is his girlfriend was driving and drove head on into a mack truck on purpose according to their dad before he coded. She has a broken ankle and a bruised liver- no surgery necessary.

    Him. Him? well where do I start? He has had placed quite possibly the worlds longest stent-graft in his aorta- from just above his left subclavain (yup its blocked) to just above his celaic. He had a massive tear, then a massive anuerysm caused by aneurysm. He has eschemic bowels and not sure of extent yet- he was without perfusion for 3-4 hours before he went into a surgery that lasted 4 hrs. Today he is unstable of course. He's still wide open. Tomorrow they check his bowels if they can.

    The tradgedy is they just developed a great relationship with this man a couple years ago. He was an absent non-supportive parent until he "saw the light" and really tried to make amends to them. They are 19 and have been thru a lot without having this added to their lives. How they function I have no idea.
  3. by   barb4575

    I hope you have some good news about your twins' father's condition? Let me know. I have all of you in my prayers.

  4. by   kukukajoo
    He seems to be more stable! Yes- great news- surgery today to inspect and try to save parts of bowel (they thought it was all dead). Turns out he lost only some of his lower intestine. Tomorrow more surgery for a feeding tube placement. Unsure of the where and how, etc. as our daughters were up there, not me.

    His BP is more stable and lower where they want it. He is a fighter!!