1. I understand that when you are in college you have to have a roundabout education... But please tell me why do you need 9 credits in Philosophy for a nursing (SCIENCE) degree? Most BSN programs put it as a requirement and I mean Required! It has to be Philosophy or Theology for my school... Right now I think that's the class I'm going to get a "C" in which will bring my GPA down... I'm trying hard but it I just can't relate to it. Thank God it's my last Philosophy class...
    Please share the unnecessary classes that you have to take for any Nursing degree LPN, ASN or BSN
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  3. by   memphispanda
    I had to take 2 semesters of Religion, 2 semesters of philosophy, and a bunch of other stuff that was required for a "well rounded liberal arts education". I think the whole goal of college education is to produce well-rounded graduates, and that involves taking a variety of courses from a variety of fields.

    Forgot to specify--this was not for my nursing classes, this was for my previous degree in sociology, but the classes mentioned above were required for all students at the school.
  4. by   Rena RN 2003
    i think the only thing philosophy did for me was bring to my attention all of the different religious beliefs that my patients could have and how to respect them as best i can.

    but i had a really cool philosophy teacher too. we talked about 3,000 year old philosophers but the instructor tried to gear the knowledge to what we would actually use in our lives today.
  5. by   kimmicoobug
    The class I learned the least from was Chemistry. Still trying to figure out to this day how I can apply it my nursing classes. But, then again, there were a lot of complaints against that particular instructor. I did take an early American Lit class as my frou-frou class. This was to make us well-rounded. I actually really enjoyed it.
  6. by   MK2002
    If you think philosophy is bad, just try to imagine 6 hours of history and 6 hours of government to fulfill the requirements here in Texas. That is effectively an entire semester of wasted effort and money.

    Like any class, some philosophy classes are good and others are bad. I had a terrible teaching assistant in one such class many years ago. Hopefully, the course I took in World Religion years later will be considered as transfer credit for the philosophy requirement.

    Every degree program I have ever looked at has always had silly, useless requirements. I suffered through a few such courses when I earned my first bachelors degree several years ago. I still have an intense hated for some of those courses. There were requirements that I approached with an open mind and did very well in. Then there were others, such as 2 semesters of physics, that were an intense awful struggle every step of the way. I got absolutely nothing out of that class.

    All you can do is try your best. If you are taking the courses through a community college, then try to take the self study/web study section. Typically, those sections have multiple choice exams given through a testing center. At least you might not have to suffer through essay type exams, which are sometimes given in philosophy classes.