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  1. i interested in nursing but i dont wanna stay at australia anymore, so i decided to study university in phillipine, i wonder which uni or school is better? i can't get much information on net so can someone help me out with this.

    i just wanna be a RN, but i dont know whether have to get degree or not, i'm a year 12 student this year and soon i will finish my year 12 so can someone help me out with this? and is phillipine much more cheaper than australia? really desperate please help... Xp

    thankz allot...
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  3. by   boeyjen
    hey I'm from the philippines so i think i can help u with that. Actually there are several nursing schools here that are recommendably good. If u want to study in the country's capital u can go to UP Manila (University of the Philippines) or at UST (University of Santo Thomas). Another very good school here is Cebu Normal university that's in Visayas particularly in Cebu, which is at the middle part of the country. I'll tell u the negative side of studying in phils though. Since I graduated here in Phils but not in those 3 schools (would have been better if I did..studied at MSH CMAFI that's in Mindanao: lower portion of Phils)) i was required to take the Philippine Nursing Licensure exam like everyone else who graduates from Phils (note: usual number of NLE exam takers ranges from 30-40 thousand up every 6 months and usually the national passing rate is from 27-44 % only {nursing exam results are found their every 6 months just click on the lower right for more exam results if u want to see}). One thing more if u want to go to the US u'll have to take IELTS (u may be exempted for IELTS since ur an australian), but u'll have to take CGFNS and NCLEX. I've taken all those 4 and it was crazy most especially NCLEX for california! I took the 3 exams once and passed them but i just took NCLEX last aug. 17, 2006 in hongkong . I wish i'd pass it too:spin: .

    Oh most importantly to have a BSN degree u'll have to study for 4 straight years including summer classes or else u'll be late for a year so it will take u 5 years or more.

    (Note: Phils tuition is very cheap :trout: ranges from 40,000-50,000 pesos only in every semester so that's like 1,000 US $ or less)

    Anyways good luck with ur search for ur school Hope all these info helped ya.

  4. by   icemark
    thankz allot jen!~