phila area nursing schools?

  1. Happy New Year to all!

    i am trying to decide where to attend nursing school.......unfortunetly the decission will be more based on " who has room" for me.

    any advice?

    i hear HF and GM are full for the fall. does anyone know if anyone else is?

    i also heard Laselle is open but the $$$, wow!

    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   CRNAhopefulguy
    from what i heard, most all schools in the philly area are quite full and u need to have all ur pre-reqs out of theway with nearly A's and B's in all of them in order to just get into the programs. All the universitys i believe have wait lists. Even community colleges like BCCC and DCCC which are like 2-3 yrs long. I think its very competitive in this area. Im not sure lehigh has spots but who knows. Do u have ur pre-reqs out of the way? Im in a program now in the area and its difficult to get in. They will have about a 1000 apply and only accept about 5%. Also, are you in hs or are u like in college now, that also matters because it depends if ur transferring, or if ur going in from hs. Lots of colleges will let u apply as nursing and general ed and then u get in as general and then internal transfer once u have the pre-reqs out of the way based on your performance. Even this way it is tough to do. If ur looking at a 2 yr program, i kno Brandywine Hospital is always looking for people. They pay too if u work there after.