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  1. Starting to review for my final and sick of looking at my book so here are some sites I've found that I thought maybe someone else could also use. Tried not to list things that are just a copy of our drug guides:

    set up YOUR OWN pharm quiz:

    Active Learning Centre Drug Listing

    This lists the major drug categories (gastrointestinal, etc.) and when you pick one it lists drugs, with the primary drugs in caps:

    Tons of info here, has drug chapter outlines and quizzes, if you scroll to the bottom of the page there are lectures. Good physiology stuff too if you want/need it:

    Can't leave out Lactational Pharmacology, even though it is probably too specialized for regular pharm class - maybe better for peds/OB:

    bunch of pharm links:

    this one was in the above list, you have to register:

    another one with pharm outlines and quizzes, from the above list of links also:

    page with a bunch of student notes I haven't really looked at much yet:

    I will put these on the "websites" thread also.
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