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  1. Hi, I am a 24 year old pediatric nurse from germany, without any education in the US. I work here in Illinois as a Nanny (in an Aupair exchange program) since 6 month now and i would love to stay. Does anybody know how i can stay in the US and work as a pediatric nurse? I am also a dietician, with an german exam. And i would be flexible to work in this job too. Can anybody help me over it. Or does anybody know who i ca go to figure that out? Thank you very much
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    i did send you a private message , i hope you got it
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    I think it differs per state. You'd have to find out from that state's health department, then go through whatever requirements they want you to do.

    Where in Germany are you from? My dad was stationed in Heidleberg when I was in kindergarten, but we were in Neu Ulm when I was in junior high. I have very fond memories from there and love hearing about anyone who has eaten German food like me!