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    What is the required score to pass NCLEX test, I hear people said at 60%, 65% and 70%, which on is correct?

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    Hi Tamj,
    I hope someone posts the answer to this one soon. At my college we have even asked the instructors and no one can give us a concrete answer to this question. It seems like it is some big secret or mystery!! The way they have explained it to us is the computer starts out asking the easier questions on a subject and keeps increasing in difficulty, until it is satisfied you are good on that subject. Then the computer moves on to another subject.
    But after hearing some people only get 75 questions we all wonder how many can you miss and still pass?
    Maybe this question should be posted on another board so it will be viewed by more people. Like you I'd really like some info on this subject.

    Good Luck when you take the NCLEX!!!
    I will be taking it either late December or sometime in January.
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    I think it is one of life's great mysteries....They test you at a certain level, and if you get those right you move on to tougher stuff. If you don't succeed at that level, they will test you at the same level for a while. I know someone that only had 80 questions and she failed, while someone else had over 200 and passed. I don't think there is any concrete percentage you have to get. That's what I've heard anyway
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    This is the best explanation I have found, direct from the horses mouth so to speak, LOL
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    I stole this from Sandra's link:

    NCLEX examination decisions are not based solely on how many questions a candidate answers correctly, but also on the difficulty of the questions a candidate answers correctly. CAT administers questions with difficulty levels so that each candidate will answer about half correctly; these questions provide the most information. Thus, all candidates answer about 50 percent correctly: passing candidates answer 50 percent of more difficult questions correctly, and failing candidates answer 50 percent of easier questions correctly.
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    Thank you everyone for great information.

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    Someone told me that she was selected to answer more questions on the NCLEX b/c of the nursing school she attended..

    that doesn't make sense to me,, just thought I would bring it up.. sounds fishy.