1. Has anyone heard of nursing student grads going on to become Physician's Assistants? How is their role different to a nurse's, etc? I am planning on sticking in nursing, but was just curious! Thanks!

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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi Tig,

    Yes, I have heard of RN's going on to become PA's. I do not know for sure but I believe PA's are able to see patients, diagnose, and prescribe a course of action - just like a doctor would. They are able to prescribe medications, however, the script is written under the Dr.'s name. ie. the Doctor kind of signs off on it/approves it.

    That's my perception of it, could be wrong.

    Also, I have seen many different types of Education Programs where PA's are concerned. Some programs you just role right on into. No experience needed and a BS in Nursing, Science, or any # of other disciplines is all that is needed. You can go straight into it after finishing a Bachelors'.

    But I have seen other programs where you absolutely have to be an RN and have a # of years of experience under your belt to even apply to the program. Penn State's PA program may be set up like that if I remember correctly. I think they require 2 years as an RN for acceptance into the program.

    I could be wrong on all accounts. Just thinking off the top of my head.