Orientation yesterday

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    I had orientation today...we had the "tests"!! One was a critical thinking and the other was the NET test, like someone else mentioned. I was there for 7 hours today!!! I thought the NET test and the day would never end, lol. Oh, get this...we were supposed to be "fitted" for our uniforms...well, they send us to this room where they have all sizes of warm up jackets, tops, pants, and lab coats...we had to try on everything to see what size to order, but in order to get the corrects lengths on pants and sleeves and such, the uniform company was charging like $10 per item!! Did I mention we had to order 2 tops, 2 pants, and a lab coat? So much for being "fitted". Like I'm gonna pay $50 for alterations?!? On top of that, the uniform co. charges a $15 processing fee, and then you get to pay state tax on that $15 fee on top of what your order totals...I had to get the coarse syllabus today too, for $20...I'm really surprised that they DIDN'T turn us upside down today to make sure our pockets were empty, lol!

    On another note, we have the largest nursing class in 10 years! The norm has been 15-20, but this year we are 55! I'm wondering how many will make it past the dosage calculations test though, especially after someone asked me today how to spell 'afford'!! Also, our class is 17% men! I think its great. Our instructor said the national average was around 5%.
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  3. by   amblessing
    Originally posted by Wyldeflower

    I had to get the coarse syllabus today too, for $20...
    They made you pay $20 for a course syllabus Geesh
  4. by   Wyldeflower
    We sure did! 400 pages with a rubber band around it and we have to buy a binder and punch the holes ourselves, lol!
  5. by   Vsummer1
    Same here, but we had it in two -- one was the "resource manual" the other the syllabus. Luckily, it was already hole punched. And if we want the notes, we have to buy those too -- get them from the library, pay 10 cents per copy and punch them ourselves.