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I absolutely loved it!!!It was awesome. I didnt get to see any big cases but it was great. I loved the exploaratory laparscopy. Seeing the insides of someone is way different than the book..I wish... Read More

  1. by   collegegurl_2003
    Yeah the personalility is so much different...They joke around and actually want to help you learn..The two nurses I was with was like come over here and look and was helping me with everything..when i left they asked if I enjoyed it and they were happy that I did....I would love to see a open heart..one girl in my class did and she said it was the most amazing thing ever..This may sound weird to somepeople but I would love to touch a beating heart....It's truely a miracle how somethings are...Im just amazed..They are thinking about taking some externs in there this summer and I am going to try for it..they said if enough people wanted to the might..I hope they do..
  2. by   grentea
    wow! the hospital where i am is packed full with students right now. i was lucky to see a single angiography. maybe next semester i'll see more since i'll be at a different hospital. i did have a really awesome expereince though. all of the nurses i met were totally cool and they really showed me a lot about what they do.