Optional TEAS: Take it or not?

  1. Hi all,

    Our ASN class was scheduled to take the TEAS test next Wednesday & due to some logistical/administrative problems, our director has made the test optional.It was not scheduled as part of admission processes, but more as a "this is how ATI testing is done & we want you to get used to it" kind of thing.

    My question: Is the test helpful enough to an adult student with excellent grades & study habits to make it worth spending the four hours to take it?

    We will have an ATI package (soon) that will cover the required Fundamentals test that we take in late Nov. I have taken computer based tests before & don't want to take this TEAS test if it isn't going to benefit me in some way.

    Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    Honestly- no. I mean if you are already in the program- I don't see where taking the TEAS now would be of use to you. I found it pretty useless and I had to take mine to get INTO nursing school.

    Taking a test on the computer is the same as on paper- just it's ON the computer and you can't change your answers. FWIW I thought the ATI Fundamentals test was wayy easy as well. Good luck on it in Nov!
  4. by   SchoolRN,BSN
    Thanks for the input.
    I probably won't take it unless someone says it's something I can't live without. As I mentioned, I think it's more for students to get used to computer based testing, than for the test itself.
    Thanks again
  5. by   kenyatta501
    I have a question concerning the teas test im due to take it on october 4 and im not prepared for it at all. I would like to know how cam i study for this test and will it really affect my getting into the program.Im going for lpn right now and i dont have a clue.please help me in any way you can i, already nervous and its not even test taking time. thanks
  6. by   BoonersmomRN
    Kenyetta do you have the study guide? If not you can get it through www.atitesting.com It will be of a great help to you!