only 3 days left of sem 1!

  1. All we have left in our LPN program is one day at one hosp orientating, CPR , and a day orienting at the 2nd hosp. Then we are out until Jan 2, when we come back doing clinicals! Yay. They say this part of the year will fly, so I am very glad to be starting it. I love learning and going to school, but I'm so anxious to be done and starting on my BSN.
    We only lost 2 students this entire time, and have a class of 30 now. Which is pretty good from what I have heard. I've only not finished first in 2 classes, but only missed it by 2 pts in each one, and we only have 2 classes left Med-Surg and maternal child, so it looks like I'll finish with academic excellence award! Not too bad for someone whos been sitting home for 12 years raising kids!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Congratulations on your seemingly successful completion of the first semester.

    May the splendid fortunes continue throughout the life's span.
  4. by   nursehottie
    I only have one more day left! Then I graduate...!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Stephie39
    Congratulations on finishing your first semester. I am in my second and was it ever a shock. I had straight A's in the first semester, then we started second with Med Surg and Maternal Child. I have a high B in Maternal Child and a C in Med Surg. It is tough, especially the cardiac unit, respiratory unit, and getting through tests that are 7 + chapters long! We have classes 2 days a week and do clinicals 2 days a week, so we have the added clinical homework, careplans, pathos, med cards, assessments etc. It's tough, but I know it will be worth it. The patient care is wonderful, and I really enjoy it. I wish you all the best
    Stephanie (LPN in July 2006)