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Hi, i want some opinion. Has anyone of you finished nursing AS or BS online. I'm on med surg/psych right now (2 sem of nrsg) and thinking of getting my degree at RUE ED/excelsior college. I'm so... Read More

  1. by   paula77720
    Hi Spazzy nurse,

    thanks. i spoke to the nursing admission of EC after i faxed my unofficial transcript. She said that i need to finish my med surg before i can be accepted for the lpn-rn program. She said that i can start with 2 subjects - nrsg concept 1 and 2, while waiting for my med surg to finish then i can enroll for the remaining 5. Do you know anything about this?

    So how many more subjects do you need to complete and how was the exams like?

    Youre right, EC doesnt encourage Rue ed and im happy to find that out before its too late.

    thanks for your input.....

  2. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Hi Paula!

    Sorry it took me so long to respond!

    I'm glad you got in touch with someone from EC!! Yes, you can take Nursing Concepts 1 and 2 before you enroll, so you could take those now. As far as how long a person should study for the exams--- to each his own. It'll take you a bit to figure out exactly what study method works for you with these exams. And honestly--- they're tough. There are 7 total (that changed not too long ago...... there were only 6 when I started, but the content is the same now as it was then) and you can complete the first 2 plus any general eds (A&P, English Comp, Lifespan Devel. Psych, etc.) before you enroll. You have to pay to reenroll every year you're working on the program, so that saves you some money. Once you're done with all of the nursing courses and you are within 9 credits of having your gen eds done, you can register for the dreaded CPNE....... a 3 day long clinical exam. It's not a CLINICAL, but a clinical exam, meaning you test out on lab stations and then with actual patients in a hospital. The CPNE is held in a few different spots around the country..... CA, OH, WI, TX, GE, and NY I believe. It's currently $1350 to take it (plus air, hotel, etc.). There are workshops to help prepare you for the CPNE, and those are in various spots too.

    The program is pricey, but when I consider the fact that I can still work full time and I wouldn't be able to in a trad. type of program, I think it comes out evenly. E-mail me if you have any more questions or need to bounce something off of me. I am getting ready to do the CPNE, so I haven't been checking this site too often these days.

  3. by   og924
    I too was burned out on studies and school. decided to take advantage of Rue Ed's 'special'. read the fine print! as they state, you can not 'drop-out' this is a sale contract! you must purchase all study guides once you sign. get all the facts on pricing. seperate costs for study guides, tests, enrollement fees at Excelsior, grad fee also. anyone interested in purchasing study guides for reduced cost email me at
    I've paid out $1,200 and only finished one course. you have to very dedicated to do this....... lastly, as I've been told, Excelsior doesn't have text books, you have to research and find the info yourself....whereas Rue's study guides contain the info needed???