online nurse interaction

  1. hi i'm a first year nursing student at Douglas College, New Westminster, Canada. i'm looking for a nurse to have an interactive conversation as part of the assignment for nursing.
    if you interested you can contact me via Private Message. thank you.

    Yuvika Sharma
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Welcome to and good luck to you!
  4. by   taramayrn
    If you haven't found anyone please contact me and I'd be happy to speak with you. I'm an RN in Alberta.
  5. by   sweetcheerie87
    hi thank you that would be great
    my email is yuvika_sharma87 at
    this assignment is to get a chance to find out nurses roles and responsibilites and find out what nursing is all about.

    thanks again looking forward to talking to you
  6. by   taramayrn
    Please feel free to pm me with your questions.
  7. by   sweetcheerie87
    sorry i didn't post any messages since a long time. i have been busy with college since our midterm exams are this week and some next week. before i ask you any further questions i need to get a consent form signed by you. its saved on my computer as a pdf file. i'm not sure how i can send that as an attatchment. can you help me out here?
  8. by   taramayrn
    Send it as you would any other attachment.

    Sorry can't help you out any further than that...the brain is fried after a long weekend at work.
  9. by   sweetcheerie87
    hi here is the consent form if you can fill it out and send it to me

    Douglas College Faculty of Health Sciences

    Department of General Nursing

    Online Memorandum of Consent

    TO: A Registered Nurse willing to communicate online with a beginning student nurse about his/her current nursing practice.

    FROM: Anjani Panesar, Faculty Coordinator of the Semester I Nurses’ Work Experience.

    RE: NURSES’ WORK EXPERIENCE (Please see the enclosed Fact Sheet)

    If you are willing to participate in this online experience for a nursing student please complete:


    E-Mail Address:

    PLACE OF WORK: (Include address and phone number)

    Brief Description of your work:

    Name of immediate supervisor:


    Date: __________________________

    Please return form to the student by return e-mail when completed (for submission to instructor). Information contained herein will only be shared between the participating student and instructor. On completion of the experience, the form will be either destroyed or, if you agree to be available for another experience, kept on file with the instructor.
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  10. by   taramayrn
    I have this saved on my computer from the other two students I am working with on this assignment. I think you've already sent this to me and I've sent it back to you. Let me know though.