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Can you please tell me your experience on taking oline classes form your colleges. I'm thinking about taking a class online, no attendance required. Thanks for your info.... Read More

  1. by   ashemson
    I am taking my first online class in the fall - nutrition. One thing I don't understand about them - how do you test? Is that a stupid question?
  2. by   christinemj
    I am taking my first online class in the fall - nutrition. One thing I don't understand about them - how do you test? Is that a stupid question?
    Not a silly question at all! Tests can be done in many different ways. Here are examples of what I've experienced.....

    One class had four online tests that were timed. You had one hour. Yeah, you "could" have looked up the answers if you wanted to.. but in reality, if you didn't have a clue in the first place, you probably wouldn't have had enough time to look up the stuff anyway. These tests only counted for a small portion of the final grade anyway. 2 more tests were "oral" that you recorded and sent in, and then we had a proctored final, which counted for most of the final grade. You could take it at one of the branch campuses, or if you were out of state, make arrangements with a local college to have a proctor. The school will send the exams to the designated proctor, and then you make arrangements with the proctor to take the test at the local college.

    In another course, we were graded on "unit" assignments - 10% of grade, 2 test that were like "take-home tests" that were submitted online (15% of grade for each one), and then proctored midterm and final (30% of grade for each one).

    When you sign up for an online classs, all of the testing procedures will be spelled out in your syllabus.
  3. by   Mkue
    My college doesn't offer online courses, and I really wish they did.

    Maybe I could take them thru another college and have them transferred.


  4. by   Lisa1970
    How do you pay for online courses? My college does not offer them, but was told that another local college does. I am getting financial aid. I wonder if fin adid would pay for an online class at a second school?
  5. by   ashemson
    I just transferred to a local community college to finish my last 4 prereq's because they offer classes at night and on the web. I just registered like a normal class, and financial aid for it is no different. So I think you could probably enroll in whatever college offers them, just make sure it transfers back to your nursing school!
  6. by   I1tobern
    You may be able to take the classes as a transient. If you're not familiar--you pay your school's tuition and take the class from another school. But, you have to make sure first that the class is acceptable to the school you presently attend.
  7. by   Lisa1970
    thanks for the info I will look into it
  8. by   Future RN in WA
    I have taken a couple of online courses and really enjoyed them. I do have one question though. How do you take A&P online. I would have been lost without cadaver lab. I can't imagine taking those courses without being on campus.

    One history class for me this summer (and only 4 weeks long) and it is off to the BSN program! I can't wait!

    Good Luck everyone and enjoy it all!