One more !!

  1. Whew! If I can make it another 12 hours, I'll have my last final of the summer semester DONE. I'll have had 15 exams over the summer in the worst of all our semesters. The last semester starts a week from Monday and I'll only have 5 exams during the first 10 weeks of fall semester and then I'll start my senior preceptorship!! Yay!

    This final tomorrow is cumulative in my nursing care management class and I really think my brain is going to explode tonight.

    Wish me luck...this time tomorrow I will be free as a bird for a whole week!

    Still surviving accelerated BSN!! Woo hoo!!
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  3. by   camkib
    Wishing you lots of luck on your final tomorrow!

    You can do it! (if your brain explodes, just wear a snug fitting cap.)
  4. by   tmarie75
    you've made it this far, so i'm sure you'll do great!!
  5. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Congratulations!! Keep on Truckin'.......