On-Line classes for 1st year nursing students

  1. I'm in my 1st semester of an ADN program and we are taking Nursing Theory 1/2 on line and 1/2 in class. We have scheduled 2 hours per week for classroom time but it generally amounts to about 30 mins. because most every week we have a test and we have to get assigned new groups so actual lecture is very limited. Our units are between 4-6 chapters long, every week.

    Most of us in the class are doing poorly simply because we don't have a clue how to filter out what is important to know for the tests. We get outlines and most everyone reads the chapters and completes the outlines....it's just a lot of information to get all at one time and you don't have any experience yet to learn to filter out the info. Our teacher believes that everything is important...so there is no help there.

    Several of us talked to the Director of the program and she is trying to get us some help because they obviously can't have the entire class fail but I was wanting some feedback. What does everyone think about on-line nursing classes for 1st year students (especially 1st semester students). Would you take one? Why or why not?

    Also, we had to take the class in this format. It's the only way the class was offered and it is required this semester for us.
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  3. by   Achoo!
    Thank you for this post. Since the new nursing curriculum was started this year, and with such a long wait, those within 1 year of starting the program can take theory classes ( fundamentals and pharmacology) online. I have been debating this.