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Heard that my program is thinking about raising their grading scale AGAIN !! Right now it's 94-100 %- A 87-93 %- B 80-86 %- C I'm curious as to how much more they can raise it !! ... Read More

  1. by   farmmom
    oh my ,what have I gotten into.
    I test well it is the point of being stressed over higher standards .
    Thank you for a heads up on how the general grading system is going to be for me. :kiss
  2. by   Mkue
    I shared some of your grading scales with some of my classmates, they were not happy.. of course I didn't mention any names or where I got them.

    We are definately going to find out why they feel the need to raise the scale even more.. it was just raised before I started the program in August.

    Any more scales you want to share, please do..

    Thanks, Marie