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  1. I am about to start my OB/PEDS clinicals and was wondering what to expect and what do the students do in OB/PEDS clinicals.
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    I am about to start my OB/PEDS clinicals and was wondering what to expect and what do the students do in OB/PEDS clinicals.
    That will all depend on your instructor and your patient. I have had patients that let me do EVERYTHING a nurse can do within scope of practice for them in OB, and others that did not want (male) students. I have had parents that love my play / work /play approach to peds - and others that stare at me with those "Mommy or Daddy" eyes waiting to see if I will make a mistake that will cause their little one to cry when it comes time to give the injection or take other meds. I have not to date ever had a problem with any of the kiddos - probably because I never bothered to grow up myself and am a big kid. The experience and what you get out of it is all up to a number of factors out of your control - so be as prepared as you can and take life as it comes - and enjoy the little ones - they are where the joy is!
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    I just completed mine over the summer. They were interesting in their own ways. They are not areas I plan to concentrate in, and they aren't places I am comfortable, both for different reasons. However, I was surprised as always to find they were much less daunting than I thought they would be. In my program, the peds rotation was the full care spectrum. No different from any other floor. The OB rotation through L&D was observation only. Postpartum, nursery, and antepartum were full care as well. Objectives focused on assessment within these patient groups and interventions as appropriate. Overall not a bad experience. Didn't change my mind though that peds nor OB is my thing. Best of luck, and don't look away cause it will be over before you know it.
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    I just did Obs

    basically you have to do ALOT of teaching (especially if it is a first time mom)

    (i.e) how to position the infant, so (s)he is able to latch on
    - what the "proper" latch is
    - frequency of feeding (q2-4 hours) but this is not written in stone it depends on the individual infant and their needs.
    -diaper care

    the list goes on

    I did the assessment of the mom (we used a thing called bubblee)

    -Breast ( check to see if it soft, engorged..ect)
    -Uterus ( fundus to see of it is hard or boggy)
    -Bladder (check to see if bladder is distended, or verbally if pt is able to void, whether she has pain or burning sensation)
    -Bowel (check to see if pt has had a bowel movement; usually pt's are given a laxative)
    -Lochia (color,amount, odour, clots..ect)
    -extremities (homans sign)
    -emotions (how are they adjusting)

    The assessment of the infant

    the head - cephalhemato (sp?)

    the mouth (to see if it is moist, dry, pink..)

    umbilical cord (to see if it is moist or beginning to dry)

    **the weight VERY important


    There is more, but I didn't know whether or not I should continue..(so I stoped..lol) :chuckle I thought I was writting TOO much

    Hope I helped...