OB Care Plans: Can't find anything on cesarean post partum care plans.

  1. I am working on OB care plans. I can't find anything on cesarean delivery post partum care plans. Not in any of my books???? Nursing Diagnosis Handbook or textbook? HELP!!!! Any information will be appreciated.
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  3. by   legsmalone
    What specifically are you looking for? Nursing dxs?
  4. by   Albirdie
    Yes, I want to get very specific. Not just "Pain R/T incision site". I don't yet know enough about cesarean's to just come up with a bunch of different diagnosis. Thanks for replying, anything is greatly appreciated.
  5. by   Nurse Izzy
    These may still be too generic to you but there's always:
    Risk for infection RT Incision Site
    Risk for falls RT weakness/pain medicine/orthostatic hypotension
    Risk for isolation RT surgery (not being up and around)
    Risk for Coping, Ineffective RT childbirth/c-section
    Risk for Constipation R/T immobility
    Breastfeeding, inneffective R/T section, lack of prolactin
    Risk for disturbed body image R/T section
    Risk for Attachment, impaired parent/Infant R/T inadequate bonding (due to pain, medication, etc)

    That's just a few, hope that helps!
  6. by   Albirdie
    Thank you for your reply. I need all the information I can get. Rough draft of care plans due tomorrow.
  7. by   Nurse Izzy
    Here's some more:
    Anxiety r/t umnet expectations for childbirth, unknown outcome of surgery
    Fear r/t perceived threat to own well-being (or child's)
    Impaired Confort: n/v, pruritus r/t side effects of systemic or eidural narcotics
    Impaired physical Mobility r/t pain
    Inneffective health maintenance r/t deficient knowledge regarding postoperative care
    Inneffective role performace r/t unmet exdpectations for childbirth
    Interrupted family processes r/t unmet expectations for childbirth
    Risk for deficient fluid volume r/t increased blood loss secondary to surgery
    Risk for imbalanced fluid volume r/t loss of blood
    Risk for post-trauma syndrome r/t emergency condition to save life of mother or baby
    Risk for urinary retention r/t regional anesthesia
    Situational low self-esteem r/t inability to deliver vaginally

    These all came from the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, Fifth ed. by Ackley & Ladwig...let me know if you need more or if you need help with your strategies and scientific rationale!

    Good luck! I'm also working on OB care plans today, too, so I'm right there with ya!
  8. by   Albirdie
    Oh my goodness?????? I can not believe I actually did not find that. I feel very dumb. Either I was just to tired and seeing in a blurr. It is on page 33. I am looking at it right now!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! LOL
  9. by   Nurse Izzy
    Nurse funk...where we overlook something to the point of believing it doesn't exist - I was looking for an answer to the developmental stages of pregnancy (acceptance, etc.) and knew that I'd answered it but could not find it on my study guide to save my life!
  10. by   CJStudent
    Also, there is a maternal diagnosis book that you can get...kind of like Carpenito (don't know if you use that). It should be available in your bookstore. I found it to be very helpful with this kind of stuff. I never bought one but I borrowed someone else's....I don't remember the name of it though.
  11. by   KELLYGIRL
    Nurse Izzy....you go girl!!!
  12. by   Albirdie
    I have been telling all of my fellow nursing students about this site. It is so helpful. With all of your help and support I know I can make it through nursing school. Thanks bunches Nurse Izzy and CJstudent.