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  1. Hi.I'm international student with LVN license.I would like to go to university to get BSN. Do you know any public universities which have LVN-BSN bridge program in or around SF? If there is no public university which has LVN-BSN,which grade I can start? I have to start as a fresh man? and how long will it take? I should've taken RN program at college? My decision was wrong? Please tell me your opinions,suggestions and experiences. Thank you.
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  3. by   Tami707
    I don;t know of any LVN to BSN programs, but Santa Rosa Junior College has an LVN to RN program. You would enter as a second year RN. Santa Rosa is 80 miles North of SF. Good Luck!
  4. by   kitty catt
    Thank you,Tami070.I appreciate that.
  5. by   CityKat
    This university for sure has one. Here is the link.
    LVN to RN/BSN Option This is in San Rafael, not SF. 30 minutes north of the golden gate. Beautiful university, pricey, nice area, private and recently became part of the UC system of California.)

    LVN (This may help you since you are an LVN. You should research this here. This program is most likely the most difficult to get into due to the price and its location. I was wait listed here and I was a full time student with a 3.5 when I applied. But, that was for the school of nursing, BSN...if this is a bridge, it might not be as competitive)

    Educational Programs (I think these guys have a bridge if I am not mistaken. I was an anatomy TA here for a couple of years. Buuuuut it's been 3 years since then, sooo I'm not sure if my memory is correct. But, you can check out the LVN and their RN program here.

    I'm sure there are other nursing schools who have bridge programs, but they are nt directly located within the city of SF. You might have to travel. The first school I listed is 30 minutes outside of the city and north. Buuut, it is gorgeous over there and you are a hop skip and jump to the GGB and the city. SRJC is a great junior college up north as one person said. You might also check out SJSU in San Jose.

    Good luck
  6. by   kitty catt
    Thank you for your reply,StudentNurseBean.I appriciate for your help.
  7. by   jesa
    I would look into SJSU for sure. I am applying for the accelerated program and have a friend who is applying at CC's for her associates, it seems like it's harder to get into those (DeAnza, etc) than it is to get into SJSU
  8. by   kitty catt
    Thank you for your help,Jesa.I appriciate that.