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Hello, I am in a 2 year program, and at the end of my 2nd semester. We have 1 day at clinical a week. We are in the hospital for 6 hours, and are on the floor for about 3-4 hours. I DO NOT FEEL... Read More

  1. by   SillyLilly
    your post is encouraging. I really do feel like i am being underprepared clinically. and would feel more confident if i could practice what i learn in the classroom. but there are many nurses from my program that have graduated, and are doing fine.

    also, i believe it is important to make the best of clinicals. i am excited, like many for ob next sememster, if i make it through this one.....

    i believe i can though!
  2. by   Amber_student_nurse
    Hi all,
    We have a fantastic theory - practical balance throughout our whole course with no less than 6 weeks practical a semester. Our practicals reflect our knowledge base with first semester students placed at geriatric wards, nursing homes, demintia wards etc. Im so happy i got into this uni as it has the by far the most practical time allocated in Western Australia.