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  1. Hi,

    Wonder if any one felt the way I do....

    I have just completed first year of ADN program, and feel as if I realy didn't learn anything.

    My husband says I can spill out all kind of information, but I still feel......DUMB.......felt real good about myself.....until med-surg rotation......

    working with the nurse during clinical--- it seemed as if I didn't know a thing. I did everything required by instructor - assessment, vitals, pt. care. etc...

    But feel like I don't know a thing....this can't be good or normal...I spent a year in program.....did I learn anything.

    amy (tajjelias)
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi Amy,

    I will start my clinicals in the fall and although I probably am not one that should give advice on this topic I see that you are very new to the board.

    Trust me! You are not the first person to feel this way. There have been tons of messages posted on this board just like yours. Even from people who are in their second year of school and even from some who have allready graduated, passed the NCLEX and have been working as RN's for a while.

    Give it time. As a nursing student you are required to absorb a lot of information in a short period of time and often are not given much opportunity to try out what you have learned. (Figuring in your first year you spend 1 maybe two days a week in clinical).

    My Aunt has been a nurse for about 18 years and her best advice to me has been "On the floor, never be affraid to ask questions, even if you have been practicing for years. There are no dumb questions."

    Good Luck I'm sure once you have an opportunity to try out your skills you will feel more confident in your ability's.