Nursing school transfer?

  1. Hello! So I am thinking about transferring schools. Here are the options:

    Currently I am attending an accelerated nursing school. However they might be LOSING their accreditation (an email I recieved from an instructor). Their 1st time NLEX pass rate is 84%. Their graduation rate is about 40%. I drive an hour there and an hour back for classes several times a week on top of clinical sometimes being up to 2 hours away, which is difficult with children and everything. At clinicals, we mainly just sit around, which worries me since we are supposed to be at least following other nurses around. Also, we have 10 week classes followed by 2 week breaks, so it goes by very fast. If I continue at this school, I will graduate Sept 2019.

    My transfer option: I was accepted into a highly reviewed and accredited nursing school in my town. My children go to the daycare that is right next to this school. The farthest clinical site they have is 35 miles away. Their NCLEX pass rate is 96% the first time. Their graduation rate is 85%. However, I wouldn't be able to transfer until January 2019, which would put my graduation 9 months later (they have summer break there) to May 2020. With summer breaks at this college, I would be able to work more.

    Do you think it would be worth it to attend a closer school with a better reputation, accredited (I would like to further my education) but it would put my graduation date back by 9 months?
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  4. by   SopranoKris
    Yes, it would be worth it. Don't risk losing all your hard work with a school that might lose its accreditation. 9 months is a drop in the bucket in the big picture. It's closer to home, better reputation, and easier for you & your kids. You need a quality education and it sounds like you're not learning much in clinicals.

    Just be aware that many nursing programs will not accept credits from other schools. The pre-reqs & sciences usually transfer, but actual nursing courses with clinical hours don't transfer.

    Best of luck with your decision