Nursing School Question- Entry Level, BSN, MSN

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    So I am one of the many casualties of our recession and am looking into this unemployment period to open up a new career avenues. I graduated with a BA in Film from UCSB in Dec 2005 and went on to work in apparel/fashion in various positions ultimately to walk away with a layoff and menial job experience due to the unstable nature of my industry. I am 27 this year and ready to work on a future with upward growth. Health care is basically ideal because of it's longevity, potential growth and stability. I'm taking my first science class in 7 yrs this summer at a community college and I am just curious to know what route/options are available to someone like me who has a degree with little healthcare work/life experience. Should I begin volunteering as I take the prereqs? I am looking at the master's program (entry-level) in CA in part to satisfy my desire to achieve an advance degree, but also I want to be realistic and start enjoying life as it comes and not be in a program if I won't utilize it. I'm also hoping to utilize the most out of my time so not another day is wasted... ANY SUGGESTIONS, HELP, CRITIQUES, PROGRAMS (MSN, BSN) is HIGH APPRECIATED AND WILL BE GIVEN A VIRTUAL HUG!!


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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you can't find an entry level master's program, you could take an accelerated BSN program. It is designed for people who have bachelor's degrees, with or without healthcare experience. You might consider getting a CNA certificate and doing some work as a CNA for experience. But if you are in an accelerated program, you will probably want to stick with school because it will be fast paced.
  4. by   guiltysins
    I agree with the first response. If Master's is a no go then an accelerated BSN would be best. At most it's usually 15-18 months (some including the science pre-reqs). You don't need any health care experience but if you want it for you, to solidify that this is really what you want to do, then you can volunteer at a hospital, for something that allows direct patient care.
  5. by   MurseHarley
    I went through a generic BSN program, but my roomate was in the accelerated BSN at the same university, and he and all of his classmates had a really positive experience.