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  1. I have an interview for an ADN program next week. Should I take copies of my resume with me? What can I take with me, so that I can stand out from all the other applicants?

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  3. by   Soon2BNurse3
    Weird....our ADN program just mailed out acceptance/non-acceptance letters and that was it!!

    Wouldn't think you'd need a's school, not employment, but take it just in case!

    Good luck!!
  4. by   beejaycee
    Based on advice and feedback I received from interviewers:
    Bring a copy of everything, just in case. Dress appropriately - business attire. Arrive slightly early so you CAN"T be late. Have pertinent questions you would like answered - NCLEX success rate, class size, etc. Shake hands - offer yours, don't wait for them to offer theirs. Thank them for their consideration. Be ready for 'why nursing', 'why you', 'why now', 'why them' questions.

    These are all fairly simple things but it is suprising how many people don't do the basics.
  5. by   Blessed2009
    Thank you for all your information.
  6. by   Daytonite
    you can take a copy of your resume, but do not offer it to them unless they ask for it. i cannot think of any reason why they would want to see it. i am hearing more and more that at these nursing school interviews applicants are being asked to sit down and write an essay on some subject, perhaps an event that changed your life or something nursing related. they want to see your english skills as well as your thinking ability. if that happens to you, keep the tone of the essay positive and do not speak badly or trash anyone else to make yourself look better. any hint of immaturity will cut you out of the running for a space in the program. interviews are conducted when the program has more applicants than spaces and they are looking for the best people they think will be able to complete the program. if you have piercings, remove them. cover up any tattoos that you have.
    • Pre-Entrance Interview Advice? - pre-entrance interview advice?
    • look at the various specialties in nursing on this page and if there is one that you are interested in learn more about it: - list of nursing specialties
    • know what a nurse does. rns are problem solvers and managers of patient care. we apply scientific principles to help us accomplish that. we also have compassion for those we help.
    • you may be asked about how you work under pressure or how you will work if assigned to a group project with people you do not like. a big part of our job is dealing with problems and conflict, so have an answer ready for this.
    • when i interviewed nurses for jobs these are the qualities i looked for:
      • initiative - autonomy
      • dynamism - energy
      • positive outlook
      • responsibility
      • orientation to the client and co-workers (ability to provide customer service)
      • learning capacity
      • productivity
      • high adaptability - flexibility
      • leadership
      • team work
      • tolerance to pressure
      • analytic ability
      • professional development
    • things not to do at an interview:
      • show your superiority in the situation
      • show your agreement or disagreement with the things the interviewer says
      • compare yourself with other candidates for the positions during the interview
      • interrupt the candidate without a reason (the interruption is accepted only with a specific purpose)
      • use or talk about technology you can't understand
      • talk about irrelevant things
      • in fact, just don't say anything negative
  7. by   Blessed2009
    Great post Daytonite. Your information is very helpful.