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  1. HI!
    I am considering nursing school and I was wondering if there is a book that helped all of you a lot that any of you would reccomend?

    I am trying to learn all I can right now.

    I am debating between PA school or nursing school.

    Could someone please fill me in on what nursing school is like?
    Since I am not good with smells; is this something that is easy to get used to?
    Do those of you who are in school, do you like it? what are the drawbacks and what are the benefits that you like best?
    Is it really gruesome?

    There are so many nursing jobs and I really like clinicals I am seriously thinking of switching to nursing school. I am a Human Biology major now and I just do not see me being able to use my degree at all.
    I am a little excited thinking about it. I would like to know what other nursing jobs are out there.

    Mainly, I would like to know if any of you know of any information on scholarships or places that would help pay for tuition if I were to attend school next year.

    If anybody could help me I would greatly appreciate it!

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  3. by   Agnus
    Wow! you ask some really tough questions. Yes it is gruelling. Do you know the difference between a PA and a Nurse? I'm wondering what you mean when you say that you really like clinicals. It sounds like you have some exploring to do before you make a decision. If you could be a bit more specific with the information that you are seeking perhaps I could help. I am an RN and a student feel free to contact me through email.
    Go to your school's financial aide office for financial help.
    What sort of book are you looking for?
  4. by   Danielle4
    I am sorry Agnes I cannot email you off the board it says you prefer not to receive emails.

    I am sorry if this is too long.

    I really like the interaction with patients, but I am not necessarily fond of giving baths and messing with fecal matters. It is not my favorite to do shots and things, but perhaps if they teach me properly I would be okay at that.

    I love the field of medicine and I love learning things about anatomy and physiology how things work. I love talking with the patients and making sure they are doing okay.
    I think I have a real nack for dealing with people and I think that is my strongest point.

    I love science in general and would love anything relating to that. I love teaching people how to do things and the interaction with people. I like doing the lab work after the blood has been drawn and taking vitals and helping the patients in any way I can.
    uhm...I have always liked biology and chemistry, but I am not great at physics.

    I am not sure if my heart would necessarily be in the hospital setting long term, but I would love to do research, maybe be a school nurse, or maybe working in a doctor's office. Hospital is not totally out of the quesion, but I just really do not want to be cleaning bed pans and giving baths all day long.

    Agnes, I think I am confused a little what exactly a nurse is responsible for versus everyone else in other fields.

    I like the fact that a nurse is more personal to a patient, but I like the fact the physician assistant does not have to do all the gross things that a nurse might have to do. I guess my question is : is being a nurse always really gross? If it is gross is it easy to get used to?

    nursing I have heard has so many fields to go into. I think I would like to specialize in something like forensics, or with a pharmaceudical company, or maybe a particular practice like oncology or maybe surgery if I can handle that. I would really like to be a school nurse and work with kids. I just do not know if critical care is for me though.

    I just am afraid if I go that I will not be very good at it.

    I went to sit in a brochoscopy once and I loved it I thought it was really neat. I was fine and all of a sudden I started getting lightheaded and my back was all sweaty. I had to sit down because all of a sudden I felt like I was going to pass out. I stepped out of the room and I was fine. I took off that REALLY heavy lead apron. I did not feel grossed out at all so I do not know why it happened. The doctor told me he was sweating in there and it was way too hot. The patient told me she was fine though. I am afraid that it might have been me and the doctor was just being nice. I still did not feel grossed out though.
    Is this a bad sign? I guess I am apprehensive because I am afraid I will fail because this kind of foreshadows things? Do you think so?

    I watched a few EGD's and I have been fine, but they are more of an informal setting and I just got to peek when the doctor showed me not like the entire thing like I did with the brochoscopy. Of course the broch was more bloody than the EGD as well maybe that is why?!

    If I do go to nursing school I know I will study hard and I really would try to be a really good nurse, but I guess there is that part of me that is afraid that I won't be a good nurse because of this.
    I usually deal with blood everyday and have not had a problem with it, but it is only in test tubes from being drawn and basically I just spin in and alloquot it and ship it out. I do not get that much interaction with things like this.

    Do you have any good advise? Am I doomed to fail? I am so afraid I will not be a good nurse.

    I bought this book called "nurse's fast facts" it is written by the same author as tabers. It seems to have a lot of good information in it. I was wondering if there was some type of reference book that might be of help to me if I went to nursing school.

    Any "expert" advise is appreciated since I am a neophyte here.
    I really admire people like you agnus! I really do want to be a good nurse someday.

    There is really nothing I can do with a biology degree and it is exciting to see all the great things you can do as a nurse.

    I was even looking in the ads and I only saw like 6 postings for PA and 3 pages of nurses. PA school is more expensive.
    I have talked to nurses and I think nursing is the route I would like since there is more interaction with the patient. I want to be able to really care about that patient and not just cure it as a doctor would. I want to be more hands on, but I do not want to be looked down on as others are describing either. If I do become a nurse my goal is to be a darn good one. So if I cannot make it as a good one I do not want to fail. Does this make any sense?

    Thank you VERY much for reading and helping me out I appreciate it greatly.

    -a confused biology/anatomy student,
  5. by   Agnus
    Sorry about the email. I did not know that I had it set up that way. May address is
    You know it sounds like Nursing might be just the thing for you and you sound like you'd be a good nurse.

    I had to smile when you said you became faint during a bronch. Been there done that more than once. It's just something that happens occasionally. It catches me off guard. Seems most likely to happen when Im' in a gown with mask and gloves. Get hot start sweating feel like passing out maby nausious. But not grossed out. That is not to say I haven't been grossed out. It happens frequently when I'm wearing lead too.

    Even though nurses do do baths bed pans etc. I find that sometimes I don't even have to deal with these things because I am caught up with some many other things. Unfortuantely the CNA is the one doing these. (Isay unfortuanately because I would love to have time to do more baths, and wipe more buts. You learn so much about a patient at these times. These are the best times to assess skin condition and to make sure good skin care is provided. I believe touch is the most powereful healer.
    I digressed a little there. a book called STAT Facts got me through clinicals (I no longer have it so I can't give more info than that) It was a great quick referece on everything from lab values to common procedures, drug info etc. If you can find I I highly recomend it. My class mates and instructors were impressed with it when I showed them. I was frequently loaning it. There is a sereies put out by Springhouse publishing called Incredibly Easy. These books simplify learing everything from pathophysiology, EKG interpetation, IV, charting, meds, electrolytes, etc. Great resource. Davis's Manual of Psychosocial Nursing for General Patient Care by Gorman, Sultan and Raines is great for addressing the psycho-social aspect of the general med surg patient.

    You have already the qualities of a good nurse. A desire to connect with your patient, and strong interest in science, A concern that you be a good nurse, not just mediocure, and a desire to teach.

    Don't worry about the tasks like injections, bed pans etc. From the sound of things my bet is that your intelectual couriosity will overcome your repulsion enough to carry you through. Trust me nurse do not have iron stomaches. We all have our weak spots in this respect (and those weak spots can change)

    Physics is my weak area too. But don't worry; I know of no nursing program that requires it.

    I'd say run don't walk to your nearest nursing school recruiter. That is selfish on my part but I just think you'd be great, and I'd hate to see a good candidate for nursing get away.

    Nursing is a wide open field and you could certainly do any or all of the things you mentioned.

    Hope this was helpful.

    It might be helpful to get back to me directly if you have more you want to discuss. I had trouble finding this thread again and I check my email more often than this site.
  6. by   BrandyBSN
    I agree with Angus! We all have weak points when it comes to some procedures, but exposure makes it better. Any "sick feelings" can be overcome if you really try If smells bother you, as they really bother me sometimes, carry a little container of Vicks Vapor Rub, and smear some under your nose. It doesnt take the smell away, but it helps with nausea.

    Unfortunately Physics is a weak area for me too! But my Nursing Program DOES require College Physics, so i just spent extra time studying, found a tutor, and pulled a B out of the class. If your program requires it, find a student who really understands that stuff and study with them! Sometimes our peers are our best teachers

    Good Luck!

  7. by   Danielle4
    I am hoping exposure will make it just "second nature".

    I have been thinking about it and I think the patient probably has the same anxiety I do so hopefully that will help me through it.

    Maybe once I have enough exposure it will not bother me so. I mean things in anatomy never bothered me and it smells terrible in there.

    I have been thinking about it and I really do not hear of many people staying in the hospital too long, even after major surgery they are usually out in 2 days.

    They have such wonderful drugs out these days that these types on complications are not as bad now a-days.

    I think Agnes has mad me feel a little more comfortable with the idea. I am just hoping when I do the CNA certification they are nice to me. I think they should get paid way more than they do!

    I appreciate of you responding to my post. I am feeling MUCH better than before. I am still alittle apprehensive, but you are right and I realize that now I will learn to deal with it better when I am doing it.

    I just always assumed that nurses had "iron stomachs" I never ever thought that could be trained. I hope I can be trained to have a stronger stomach.

  8. by   KITTYLADY
    Want to get a REAL good idea if nursing is for you?? (if you can deal w/ the real deal of the first year or so of your job post grad?)

    Consider volunteering or getting a part time job as a CNA (nurses aide) -- you will discover one of two things:
    #1 You can't STAND all the poop, puke,puss and crabby, irrate patients - your patience is about expired!
    #2 You like helping others feel better - the bathing part is one of my FAVORITE things to do -- NOT because it's pretty or glamorous, but because the person who is receiving the bath is often VERY grateful that someone CARES enough to make sure they DON'T have a pile of poop beneath them (when they don't have the capability to use the bathroom themselves) or when a bath is THE thing a person looks forward to every day --- the only form of human touching/contact they may ever experience again in their lives.....

    It's not for everyone... but the next time (or the first time) you are faced w/ feces --- think about the person you are HELPING --- and whatever you do DON'T WRINKLE UP YOUR NOSE when the smell hits you ---- the patient is probably/possibly emberrased - and your job is to help them feel BETTER - NOT to use your facial expression as a rating scale of the toxicity of their feces!

    I hope you find what your heart's content is.... As for the PA thing - it's not every state that recognizes them -- but I've considered it also -- but nursing -- you can become a CRNA, a nurse practitoner --- more versitility, I think Good luck
  9. by   Danielle4
    Thank you very much for the advise. I think I will try out the CNA in the fall. The community college has a class to take for 16 weeks that certifies you to be a CNA. I would be in class for a few weeks then directly in the hospital to experience it myself.

    I think when you put it in that context hopefully I can think of it that way and it will not be as bad.

    I did not realize that PA's were not recognized in every state. they aren't? I guess then nursing is a better route to take?

    Thanks VERY much!