Nursing School Entrance Exam?

  1. OK, I'm currently applying for a RN Hospital based Diploma program. I am scheduled to take their entrance exam Nov 19th. I'm feeling pretty confident of my chances of passing, they require at least 50%. However, this is my question...I'm wondering if anyone out there has taken this particular test before, it's called PSB (Psychological Service Bureau..I think) It is only about 1 hour and 45 mins long and it only includes Verbal, Reading Comprehension and Basic Math (8th grade level, from what I understand). Anyway has anyone ever heard or taken this test, if so PLEASE let me know the difficulty level of it and how you faired!!! THANKS
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  3. by   MidwifeWannaB
    I don't know if this will help or not.
    I took an entrance exam for entry into a 2-year ADN program, and I'm not sure what it was called, but it sounds a lot like what you described. I was worried about my test, and I had to get a 60%. I ended up with an 85%, and I suck at math, so don't worry too much. The hardest part for me was the math, but it was basically a review from my Developmental Science course--ratios, fractions, short word problems, stuff like that. So, just brush up on your algebra and percents and you should do great. The reading was basic reading comprehension and vocabulary.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!!!
  4. by   YOKIE
    Thanks alot! That is exactly what I was worried about..MATH! uhhhh, but if it is simular to what you say, I feel OK now, since I have been studing LIKE EVERY NIGHT for the math portion.

    Thanks again for responding!
  5. by   javamom
    I've actually taken the NET (nursing entrance test) and unfortunately, am going back to redo the comprehension/reading portion of the test.

    I was told "if you have a brain in your head, you'll pass with flying colors" by my ADVISOR! So I went in, thinking it'll be cake work. I reviewed my math, etc.. and did fine on math and critical thinking but missed the comprehension my 2% points. The head of the nursing school told me that when my advisor said that to me, she immediately set me up for failure. B/c you have a reason to walk in cocky and it's not THAT easy to get through the testing if you haven't been in school for years (like myself). Keep in mind, my first semester back to school after 12 yrs, I have a 4.0 while taking A&P, medical terminology, AP lab and another course (not medically related). So with that, I ended up shy of the 50% I had to acheive. I'm not dumb by any means so it was a REAL blow to my self esteem.

    My point is, don't get too over confident, study up on fractions, practice your reading comprehension, percentages, decimals, etc.. I don't know if the content of your test is near the same as the NET, but good luck to you! I take my remainder of the test tomorrow and HOPE and PRAY I pass!
  6. by   ams02
    hi yokie, you'll do fine on your test im sure. i am applying for school (to start in feb) and i may have misunderstood, but do i have to be a certified Nurse's Aide before entering into Nursing school???? It's really no biggie, (just more school before i can start) but does anyone know if thats true? i appreciate and good luck on your test yokie!
  7. by   javamom
    Amie, I know at the University I attend, we don't have to have ever worked in the medical field. And I have a few friends in other states that are getting their nursing degrees and aren't CNA's. I would call the program to ask, but I doubt that is a requirement. HTH
  8. by   dstudent
    good luck dude
  9. by   MidwifeWannaB

    Awesome name! My name is Aimee, too, but spelled differently. (Obviously)


    We don't have to be CNA's but the rumor going around my school is that they're thinking of changing that in a short time. I'm just glad I've already been accepted so I don't have to worry about it!

    Good luck!